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I live near Manchester with my partner and have two daughters and two granddaughters (young and teenage). Alongside my educational writing and consultancy work, jogging, gym and yoga keep me busy and absorbed.

I entered teaching as a mature student, having done various other jobs, in the Civil Service, making handbags and on the pizza counter at ASDA, amongst others. Once into teaching and particularly, the area of special educational needs, my passion for improving the educational experiences of children and young people with SEN, and my enjoyment of working with colleagues and parents towards this goal, has intensified over the years.

Much has been achieved by schools towards the effective inclusion of children with SEN and disabilities, but there is still much to be done if the life chances of significantly disabled and/or disadvantaged people are to be improved. The buzz of being involved in the development of more effective inclusion for learners with SEN and/or disabilities has never waned and I continue to pursue this passion through my books.

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